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London-based Bank Touts Safety of New Online Safety Deposit Box

The London Free Press

Bitcoin investors and Hollywood celebrities with embarrassing photos take heart – your online privacy can be ensured thanks to made-in-London technology, rooted in the military.

VersaBank, London’s online bank, will by the end of October launch VersaVault, an online safety deposit box where just about anything – including cryptocurrency, photographs and contracts to name a few – can be stored securely, said David Taylor, VersaBank’s chief executive.

“We partnered with people who use technology for military applications. We feel we will be bringing something to the banking industry it has not seen before,” said Taylor.

“It is a breakthrough. You can put (a digital valuable) in your vault and have confidence hackers won’t get into it.”

In January, VersaBank, one of Canada’s chartered banks, announced it was beta-testing the VersaVault technology, and that testing has been a success, added Taylor.

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